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2019 WAN POC Workshop Winners

by admin

The POC Writers Workshop is an auxiliary of our flagship Workshop that meets in the spring. After the WGA report card in the spring, I was inspired to establish another workshop catering to writers of color. We met in the fall and finished up the program in December of 2019. I was very impressed by the talent in the room and reps were excited when we introduced them last week.

Our writers make a big sacrifice when they start their 12-week journey into our program. They set aside all their Sundays for 4 hours during this time in hopes of coming out of it with one or more polished scripts. We don’t guarantee anyone will get signed, but we do ensure you will be a better writer once you’re done with us.

After every workshop, we host a mixer for all the winners to have an opportunity to meet managers and agents from various companies for an opportunity to meet face to face. We have found this helpful so reps have a positive first impression of each writer, which should motivate them to read their work and hopefully get them a meeting.

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