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2020 Writers Workshop Winners Announced

by Brandon T.

Its that time again and we want to introduce our new 2020 workshop winners to the Writers Assistants Network. Out of all the submissions, only 10 have the privilege to move on and work with us to polish off their scripts for 12 weeks to be introduced to managers and agents. This will be our 5th year of hosting this workshop and our track record has excelled far beyond what Joel and I set out to do.

After each group finishes up we host a mixer for them and invite a bunch of agents and managers that will already know who they are. We recently launched web pages for writers so that reps can get access to their scripts and profiles. We have a pubic version of those pages available on our website now. Take a look at each of our past winners. Our POC group will be posted in the next week or so.

2016 Winners
2017 Winners
2018 Winners
2019 Winners

If you know someone on this list, be sure to congratulate them. We plan to continue serving the network in the best ways we can. Stay tuned for what we do next.

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