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Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project

by Brandon T.

Some of us are members of the Writers Guild of America, and soon some of you will too. Even as a member we don’t always know everything that the Writers Guild has to offer. In this post, I will be discussing the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project. In October of 2018, we hosted a mixer with JHRTS at St Felix for Halloween. Our mixers usually are just for WAN, but since we hadn’t been hosting any mixers in a while, It was an excellent opportunity to show face and remind people we still existed. It was such a big success we decided to do another one in 2019. At the 2018 event, I met a guy named Edem, and we agreed that we would meet up at some point for coffee and chat.

Writers Guild Foundation WGAWSometimes I can be really slow with following up, and in this case, it took a few months, but we finally got a date on the books. Once we met up, we traded our backstories, and I was pleasantly surprised that he was a veteran. I learned he has been navigating the entertainment industry with the help of the Writers Guild Foundation through a program catering to veterans called the Veterans Writing Project. I was thrilled to hear about this program, especially after working for the Department of Defense while I was an undergrad at Howard University in Washington, DC. Since my nephew got out of the military, he has successfully taken advantage of as many opportunities that the military has to offer, and I have witnessed how helpful these programs can be. As a social worker, he now shares what he knows with other veterans every chance he gets.

Before Edem and I parted ways, I expressed how I’d like to learn more about his program and even feature it on our website somehow, and he assured me he would connect me with the coordinator. He kept his promise, and soon after, I made contact with Kira VandeBrande. It once again took me a while to follow through, but we finally set a day and time to talk; we even set it up as a taped interview. I felt the discussion wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t get to talk to some of the vets in the program, so we could make that happen, too, so stay tuned for that video very soon.

The mission of the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project is to identify emerging writers from United States military backgrounds and provide them with the tools and insights to nurture their passion for writing and successfully navigate the entertainment industry.

Writers Guild Foundation DisneyThe submission period for the veteran’s writing project is open now through February 24th., visit our application page here.

Please subscribe to their email list here to receive updates about the program.

The Veterans Writing Project functions in large part due to community donations. If anyone wants to donate, they can do so using this link that’s listed on our site: https://go.wgfoundation.org/checkout/13763

If you have any questions, email Kira at vets@wgfoundation.org

Please go to the Writers Guild Foundation website for more information to submit or donate today!


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